Atala Master LL4M

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The classic 'tubone' moped is here! 

Atala Master LL4M. 

Air-cooled, 4-speed, manual clutch, moped. This is where the line of moped and motorcycle began to blur for much of the world. 

Powered by a Minarelli P4 engine. The P series carries a huge aftermarket support if the stock format is not enough. The large frame and drum brakes are capable of comfortably carrying and stopping with an adult rider. 

Features a small amount of under seat storage. Also included is a large rear top box that can be removed with out the use of tools. You can carry oil, groceries, or a spare helmet easily. 

Comes with a fork lock key as well. Those are always missing but this one has it. 

This bike is being made available as it arrived to us. It is in good condition with only a few blemishes. You can see a small piece of the left side cover is missing in the photos. It is not very noticeable until it is pointed out as it is right below the crash guard. The chain cover has also been modified by a previous owner exposing the sprocket. As far as we can tell, this bike is otherwise all original and in fantastic shape considering its age. 

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