Yamaha RD80LC Giannelli Exhaust - DT50LC

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Giannelli exhaust for Yamaha rd80lc motorcycles. Giannelli really makes a nice pipe. This exhaust is on the quieter side as well. 

Here's a little tip to our friends with Yamaha dt50lc- this fits. The header bolts up and the exhaust hangs right below your foot brake on the right. The only catch is, you have to get a little creative with a rear bracket. Nothing crazy and totally doable. If you leave your stock baffle mounted below your seat, people will think you have two pipes. You have to trade a little ground clearance to get a sweet mid-upper RPM power boost.

Extra clarification- the dt50lc this fits is equipped with a 17w Engine. This does NOT fit the later am6 powered Yamahas. 

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